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Thank you for expressing interest in being part of Meher Dance Company and joining the Meher Movement! We take tremendous pride in being a professional, quality driven, and original dance company in which dancers and teachers are empowered to become proficient in their craft, reach their highest level of artistry and truly live out their dance dreams!


Meher Dance Troupe (MDT) members are engaged in a robust performance team that focuses on learning and performing a series of Indian/Bollywood dance as well as other western and international styles. Members on MDT perform at special events throughout Chicago, surrounding suburbs, midwest revisions and some cases national and international platforms. The team engages sometimes in concept dance videos, music video productions as well as film productions. This is a year long commitment with weekly practices and engagement in consistent dance performances and projects.


Guest Dancers are invited to join our database of strong and versatile dancers from all backgrounds to engage in high level dance initiatives such as films, music videos, television shows, dance productions, flash mobs, dance concept videos and more. The level of engagement for guest dancer depends just on the projects they are brought on for. 


All instructors will undergo 3-4 day in person instructor training. We will provide the training, any materials associated with class and administrative support to those planning to teach with us. Opportunities for teaching are available in Chicago, surrounding suburban locations as well as online platforms. We are continuously looking for instructors in the following area:


  • Dance Instructors for Adults 

  • Dance Instructors for Kids 

  • Workshop Instructors

  • Private Choreography Instructor



We are seeking strong, versatile and dynamic dancers who can pick up choreography quickly, be experienced in Indian and Bollywood Dance styles and be versed in various other western and international dance forms. 


Professionalism along with strong work ethics and great communication skills is necessary for our program. Dancers are required to follow through on their commitments, knowing and executing their dances and projects, be able to work in a team work setting and thrive in a fast paced dance environment. Passion, creativity and compassion are key elements to our team's success.  


Above all, we believe in having honest, hardworking and incredibly passionate individuals who love dance and more importantly believe in our Meher Movement mission of sharing the art of Indian and Bollywood dance to the community at large, cultivating originality and talent among us as artists and most importantly spreading the joy of dance and music with the entire world. We believe that we have a cause greater than ourselves to cultivate creativity, empower talent, and spread happiness.


Meher is also seeking the following for our growing team: Writers, Graphic Designers, Music Mixmasters, DJs, Event Planners, Accountants, Costume Designers and Stylists, Photographers, Videographers and Editors.  


If you are interested in joining the Meher Movement, complete this interest form.

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