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Bollywood Fusion Dance Workshops with

Chitra Subramaniam

Workshop Details:

This workshop will focus on bringing together different elements of Indian dance & Hip Hop foundation and culture. In this class, dancers will explore some basic techniques in Indian dance styles including folk & classical movements, hand gestures, and rhythmic foot work; and also explore various grooves and elements of hip hop dance - and the exicting ways these art forms come together.


Chitra Subramanian  

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CHITRA SUBRAMANIAN is a Pittsburgh native, and orginally from South India. Chitra has trained, taught, and performed in the DC area for over 12 years. She danced with the award-winning Culture Shock DC Dance Troupe, and has served on faculty at City Dance Center, Sitar Arts Center, and at various community-based and studio spaces. Chitra's dance foundation began with her training in Bharathanatyam, an Indian Classical Dance form, and she studied this art under the nationally and internationally renowned Pittsburgh-based instructor, Jaya Mani. Chitra began immersing herself in Hip Hop culture after graduating from college, falling in love with all of its art forms and especially urban dance styles. She continues to train and participate in the culture as much as possible and deeply believes in the power of Hip Hop to transform, unleash, and highlight unrecognized and untapped talent and power.


In recent years, Chitra has focused on developing and refining her personal and unique style of dance, bringing together her training in and passion for Hip Hop and street dance styles and her foundation in Indian classical dance. Chitra's style explores how the basic foundations of Indian dance infuses new possibility, awareness, and energy into urban dance forms. Her goal is to elevate Indian dance fusion styles by being intentional, authentic, and deeply respectul of these dance foundations that have inspired her. Her classes typically focus on fundamentals in Indian classical movements, exercises in grooves, footwork, and freestyle concepts, and demonsration through choreography.


Most recently, Chitra founded TRIBE, a group of diverse, female artists coming together to share and perform the blending of Hip Hop and Indian dance styles.  Most recently, TRIBE competed in the second season of DanceUSADance, a global dance competition and platform, and advanced to the finals in New Jersey and New York City, and recently airing on India's ZeeTV network.

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