Shilpa Cyriac

2017 Student Dance Instructor

Shilpa Cyriac is a Chicago-raised dancer, trained in a variety of genres including Bharatanatyam, Bollywood, and Bhangra. She began studying Indian classical dance at Natraj Dance Academy during her childhood and later developed a passion for creating Bollywood-Fusion pieces. She was the co-captain of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s premiere competitive Bollywood-Fusion dance team, Wisconsin Surma. Her team travelled throughout the nation to compete and placed among other renowned collegiate teams in the Desi Dance Network. While on Surma, she took part in several film projects which collaborated with musicians, videographers, and dancers from around the United States, including Meher Dance Company and Buzzfeed Video. Her team experience brought hip-hop, contemporary, Garba-Raas, and Bhangra to her personal style. After graduating, she joined Chicago’s Ministry of Bhangra to reinforce her knowledge and practice of a traditional genre. She looks forward to bringing her creative experience to Meher Dance Company as she proceeds to work with children and adolescents. Her long term career goal is to become a physician and serve in healthcare. She will begin attending medical school in the fall of 2017.

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