Kids Dance Program & Class Information

Kids Program & Dance Curriculum 

Our Bollywood and Indian kids dance program has been going strong for 9 years with us approaching our 10th season. Through the kids dance program, our instructors establish a strong foundation of dance with an emphasis on technique, movement, skills, and expressions all while applying it to music.

One of our main goals is for the students to learn versatile movements so that they can be well-rounded dancers. We try to create a strong foundation of dance by working on specific techniques such as hand/feet coordination, performance skills, knowledge of rhythm/beats and most importantly understanding musicality. Our classes are a continuation of building self-confidence, discipline and a respect for the arts. Through class, our instructors cultivate passion for dance and music, personal growth and teamwork. Our program focuses on quality and attention to detail.


We host a cultural component within each class which includes information on Indian culture, arts, history and traditions to help kids learn more about the Indian roots from which our dance and music stems.


Overall, we hope to make it an enjoyable experience for the students as well as a meaningful experience for the parents. It is our intention to provide a platform for students to be creative, expressive and authentically themselves. Through our program, students become dancers, performers, and above all true artists.


Session Information

Our fall semester goes from September through December and our winter and spring session takes place from early January to beginning of May for 10 to 13 weeks based on individual locations. Every semester, we focus on technique, different Indian dance forms all while working on a progressive dance such as a choreographed dance routine, which will be displayed at the end of each semester. For our fall season, we host a mini holiday showcase at our last class.  For our winter and spring session, we showcase our dances formally at the annual Meher Dance Company recital.  


Annual Dance Recital

Sunday, May 3rd 2020 from 3:45 pm - 6:30 pm in River Grove, Illinois with Dress Rehearsals Saturday, May 2nd, morning & afternoon times.  Aside from the participating student, tickets will be available for purchase for all other attendees.


Comfortable clothing is needed for everyday class wear. The informal December recital requires casual Indian clothes that you may have for your children.  


Costumes for the recital will be custom made this year by a third party vendor and participants will be required to purchase them.  For kids under 12, the average cost of costumes will be $60 - 80 and for kids ages 12+ the cost will range from $80 - $100. More information will be shared with enrolled students and their families.

Class Structure, Schedule & Fees

Each location has its own structure in terms of time, schedule and fees. Please visit the individual class sites for their specific details. 


Classes at most locations will be either 10, 11, 12 or 13 week sessions.


Time Frame

Most locations will conduct a 45 to 55 minute session for each class depending on location and age group..  A few locations may offer 30 minute sessions for a younger age group. 

Rates for classes are listed on the individual location site

Questions can be addressed to: or 773-295-4674


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