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One of our main goals is for students to learn versatile movements so that they can be well-rounded dancers. We try to create a strong foundation of dance by working on specific techniques such as hand/feet coordination, performance skills, knowledge of rhythm/beats and most importantly understanding musicality. Classes are established to build self-confidence, discipline and a respect for the arts. MDC instructors cultivate passion for dance and music, personal growth and teamwork in addition to focusing on quality and attention to detail.


We host a cultural component in each class which includes information on Indian culture, arts, history and traditions to help kids learn more about the Indian roots from which our dance and music stems.


Overall, we hope to make it an enjoyable experience for the students as well as a meaningful experience for the parents. It is our intention to provide a platform for students to be creative, expressive and authentically themselves. Through our program, students become dancers, performers, and above all true artists.

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