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About Meher Dance

"Our hope is to always spread joy through dance and to inspire people to live and dance with grace!" 


 "Building awareness and education for the art of Bollywood and Indian dance."

Meher Dance Company is an internationally recognized dance organization dedicated to advancing the art of Bollywood and Indian dance by creating a platform where individuals can cultivate, learn and enjoy diverse styles of dance. The company engages in an array of dance related services including but not limited to classes, workshops, private choreography, performances, special events, corporate and educational engagement, films, music videos, flash mobs, parties, online tutorials and much much more. MDC works closely with all clients to deliver customized dance productions to meet one's unique vision.

Meher leaders have worked alongside renowned Bollywood dance choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant on Yash Raj’s blockbuster film Dhoom 3 as well as international film projects like Simanaheen. Since it’s inception, Meher has collaborated with many local, national and international artists, establishing itself as a premier South Asian dance company in the Chicago land area and a production entity whose work spans globally.

As of 2020, we are now launching our efforts in India and the Asia continent at large. Our efforts include classes, virtual dancing and film/television choreography and productions. 

Meher’s dance troupe explores India’s colorful culture by encompassing styles of Indian dance from all regions. They have performed for internationally acclaimed artists such as Sonu Nigam, DJ Rekha, Karsh Kale along with Bollywood stars Anusha Dandekar, Rajkumar Rao, Arjun Mathur and many more. The dance troupe also takes pride in having performed for Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, and the Chicago Sinfonietta Orchestra.

As an established leading South Asian dance company, MDC takes great pride in traveling nationally to judge professional and collegiate dance competitions. Our team takes great pride in encouraging rising talent to pursue their passion in music and dance and take their art to the next level.

At the forefront of today's dance scene, Meher Dance Company blends Indian dance with elements of contemporary and hip-hop dance styles to create a truly unique and dynamic experience. Meher strives to build awareness and education for the art of Bollywood and Indian dance through all of our services. Our hope is to always spread joy and light through dance and to inspire people to live and dance with grace! 

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