Dance Classes




Kids of all ages can enjoy the fun and vibrant dances of Bollywood and traditional Indian dances such as Semi-Classical, Bhangra, Garba, Raas, LaVni and a variety of other styles. This class focuses on teaching the fundamental movements and techniques for Indian dance all while building musicality, rhythm and confidence for each student.  

Winter 2020 Classes are already in session and are prepared to being complete as of May 2020.  Stay tuned as we will be announcing our Summer Dance Camps and Fall 2020 Schedules by May 5, 2020.



Designed for people over the age of 18, this class teaches the fundamental techniques of Bollywood and Indian dancing. The classes also focuses on learning diverse styles of dance, movements and techniques all while being structured into routines that will have you dancing like a Bollywood star. 

We will be hosting only periodic Adult Dance Workshops. Soon after that regular Adult dance classes will be announced.  Thanks for your patience  and understanding!





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