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Virtual Dance



Meher Dance Team can work with YOU, no matter where you are in the world! All of our dance related services are available virtually through our online platform. This includes live online classes, 1 on 1 private sessions, virtual entertainment, quarantine dance videos, sangeet performances, corporate events, educational workshops/seminars, studio master sessions and online dance tutorials. As always, we can work with you to customize any dance initiative to fit your needs.

Live Online Classes

First Session-4 copy.jpg

Adult & Children’s Classes

Dance Sessions with Friends

 Private Parties

Corporate & Educational Workshops

Dance Studio Master Classes

& Much More

1 on 1 Sessions

First Session-19.jpg

Private Dance Training for Personal

Dance Performances



Dance Videos

Growth Opportunities

& Lots More

Virtual Entertainment

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Virtual Sangeet Creation

 Quarantine Dance Videos 

Online Event Performances

Corporate Performances

Collaboration with Artists

 Music & Film Video Production

Celebratory Projects

& More

Dance Tutorials

First Session-14 copy.jpg

Tutorials can be made to order for any project.

Soon there will be a series of tutorials for a variety of dance songs & styles that you can choose to learn from whenever your heart desires.

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