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Amandeep Kaur

Amandeep Kaur has been dancing multiple dance styles since she was 4 years old. From dancing at festivals and mini-community dance competitions for fun to competing in multiple professional dance competitions and placing. Amandeep started her professional dance career in high school dancing with bhangra teams (Gajjdi Jawani, NCDT) that competed around the nation. She then created her own Bollywood-fusion team (Queen City Ishaare) at her undergraduate university and went on to compete and place at multiple national-level competitions. Even though Bollywood-fusion had become her main focus, she never wanted to lose touch with her Bhangra roots and continued to dance and compete with bhangra teams on the side (KPGD, NCDT). After graduating, she joined an alumni team (Aluminati) to continue her learning and passion for dance. She judged multiple Bhangra and Bollywood-fusion dance competitions while continuing to do workshops across the country to share her love for dance. She now is about to graduate from graduate school to be an OT but still inspires to continue dancing and grow as a dancer. She is very excited to be an official instructor as part of Meher Dance company! 

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